Agent Report 2385-001

This is Agent Report 2835, reporting on findings and activities of International Corporation communications division sector 189-A, August 12, 2019, regarding the implementations of communique and memoranda pertaining to Internet Communications.

After a long period of clandestine visual and sound experimentation, the core architects of the central organization for communications emerged from recalibration to assume greater responsibility in the maintenance and day to day operations of psychic realization. The reality modulator, chiefly made for the visual identity correspondences, had reached peak performance, and then suddenly produced erratic error-prone observations which created a vortex within the system that was only remedied by a shutdown and exiting of the main interpretation loop. As a result, various points along the 15-year research by the communications division were output to the algorithmic valence loop, and the data gathered from this loop by the division was collected and published as a visual-centric central report. The research has been published via two channels, Channel 25-98-Y,  and Channel 36-57A. More data will be produced as it comes available, and Central Planning should direct further inquiries to the aforementioned resources.

You Look Nice Today.
Agent 2385-001

August 12, 2019
7:17 PM Oakland

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