Three New Releases from International Corporation!

Three new releases from International Corporation are out now and they’re all weird! – Quintana Jacobsma: an abstract, surreal string project, recorded over the last 4 years, and two new recordings by The Lickets: a collection of sound sketches from scenes of everyday life, called Eidolons, and an extended kaleidoscopic live recording, called Song of the Clouds. On iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and from us! Some tracks are on our Soundcloud below!
IC Releases October 26 by internationalco 

The Lickets: Song of The Clouds

In Spring, an expansive, crystalline and kaleidoscopic live composition slowly and organically emerged, transformed like a strange labyrinthine magic crystal garden, while The Lickets traveled across the continent, playing in small underground spaces.

From IC or iTunes:

The Lickets: Eidolons

There’s a beautiful old word in one of Walt Whitman’s poems that we chose as the title for this collection of songs, which were made in reaction to watching a short, silent series of everyday images. While viewing the images, we rapidly made sound sketches for each of the scenes, and then built them into songs. Here is some music that sounds like water in a pan, some buildings, a woman smoking, traffic, a doctor’s office, rocks, standing on a roof, rolling dough, a napkin, a lake, and someone whisking flour in a pan.

From IC or iTunes:

Collage made from art from Arrington de Dionyso, Edmund Welles, and some doodles and sketches of statues and temples we made awhile ago , combined for this very strange event we are excited about:

A Lovely Evening of Olympian Indonesian Trance Punk, Transcendental Noise Orchestras and Heavy Chamber Music: Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, The Lickets, Edmund Welles

Hotel Utah Saloon, Sunday, October 17th 2010 9:00 PM San Francisco, CA $7

facebook event page:

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