Just a few of the new albums left..

We have sold out of Journey In Caldecott CDs and down to our last few of Her Name Came On Arrows and They Turned Our Desert Into Fire. We probably will not repress any time soon, so if you wish to have one of these last few you can get them at http://www.internationalcorporation.net/dm Thanks so much to everyone who has supported the music!

Endless Migration: Quadraphonic Mp3s

The last series of performances have been quadraphonic, (four speakers in surround). It took a lot of time to setup, and many of the spaces we played in have had long flights of stairs! So if you missed any of our quad performances, it’s probably easier to download these mp3s and create a quad setup using two stereos or boomboxes. (guide included) It’s not something we’ll always do, but we had a blast doing it. http://bit.ly/brEU4F

Michael Jeter directed this really great  short film of a brief Lickets performance. Check it out and a lot more  at The Black Harbor: “an online art and design magazine featuring  prominent young designers, illustrators, photographers, film-makers, and  dreamers.”


Lickets Performances Across the US in April and May

The Lickets are about to go on our first trek across the US! Dates are below but we will be adding more at http://www.lickets.com/performances The set will be a quadraphonic mix of flute, cello, guitars and harmonium in crystalline, kaleidoscopic and cloud like sound masses. We’re really excited to share what we’re up to. We were invited to participate in an event, as well as perform the set we’re working on at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn on the 28th of April. On our way out, we’re going to be playing a few performances across the country. It would be misleading to call it a tour in the traditional sense, even though that’s what it is, because we’re really going into different kinds of spaces: a few inspiring spaces made by some very inspiring people for adventurousness. We’ve already met a lot of amazing people while this has been coming together, and we hope to see everyone at the performances! Here are the dates we have so far:Thurs Apr 22 – Ft Collins, CO – Art Lab Fri Apr 23 – Lincoln, NE Tugboat Gallery/w No One Conquered, Wyoming Wed Apr 28 – Brooklyn, NY – Issue Project Room Sat May 1 – Chicago, IL – Hotti Biscotti

Endless Migration in Quad

We’re playing in a surround quad environment tonight (3/6/10) at Bluesix in the Mission, along with Shores and Marmalade Mountain, amazing artists you should definitely check out. It’s not the first time the Lickets have played in quad. We first performed Endless Migration in 2007 as a four channel piece. We mixed it down to two channels for inclusion on one of our most recent releases, but it’s really always meant to be in surround. We always have projects we’re working on that don’t get released immediately, and this was one we really wanted to do but couldn’t figure out where it would fit until we were sequencing. It’s extremely layered and the original took around two months to make. It became one of the main foundations for working on our last two albums.

We originally built two instruments to perform it (because it was cheaper than getting laptops), each with 8 channel outputs and a combination of analog and digital controls, along with some programming we did (in Max with an Arduino interface). We barely made it to the performance and drilled the last pieces together about an hour before the show. It was originally performed with Jeff Arkenberg, an amazing musician and now ethnomusicologist who really studied Bihag and improvised flute during the performance. For the recording we repeated the live performance with more layers and augmentation. While we like the way it came out as two channels, it still works best as quad, and we spent a lot of time over the last month revising our system.

We’re really excited to do this for the first time in a while and hope everyone can make it! Sometime soon we’ll post all four channels for anyone who wants to try and listen to this on their own!

Some Updates and Thanks

Thanks so much to everyone for all the support recently. It’s good to see new and familiar faces at the shows, especially really cool people from faraway lands. Thanks for  Ron Shepper’s textura review and asking us to do a top ten . Thanks to Hemlock for having us out again last month. Theshow at Amnesia was great and the sound artist Benjamin Tinker is putting together more experimental nights there every third Thursday of the month. Definitely recommended! It was a lot of fun. Thanks to Stuart Maconie for playing us on freakzone on the BBC again a couple of weeks ago. Most people who know us know freakzone, but if you’ve never heard it you should check it out. It’s one of the most riveting and amazingly curated music shows. It’s not as long as it use to be so complain here. Same goes for Sue at Aural Fixation on WMBR in Boston, and Benjamin Walker on WFMU in NYC. And to Hear and Now for continuing to play us on NPR! Also thanks so much to Ed Pinsent for playing the new album on the Sound Projector Radio show. Again most who read this know Sound Projector, but if not definitely pick it up. Mimaroglu says “Clear and away the most consistently rewarding music magazine running …” It’s at Aquarius if you live in SF, and if not check out the SP website for more info. We’re going to guest DJ and do a live set from 3 to 4 on KUSF in San Francisco on the 13th.  We’ve been listening a lot to Urthona which is really amazing. Neil Mortimer is Urthona and did the music for the Avebury super 8 film by Ric Kemp we found awhile back. We’re really excited about our last show of the year in SF at Café Du Nord with Julianna Barwick and a 20+ piece interpretation of Terry Riley’s In C. Thanks to Bataille Music out of Montreal for giving us a write up in their blog. In short almost surrealist sentences that leave a lot up to imagination, they manage to create some of the most beautiful and almost emotional reviews. It’s inspiring. And of course thanks to Terra at CDN who has been amazing! Hope everyone can make it out!